Amateur Radio Training

Before you are legally allowed to operate on the amateur bands you need to have an operating licence.  There are three licence levels available called the Foundation, Intermediate and Full (often referred to as the Advanced Licence).  The Radio Society of Great Britain  operate the examination system through the Radio Communication Foundation and the licences are issued and controlled by Ofcom.

The Verulam Amateur Radio Training Courses

The best way to obtain a licence is to attend a registered amateur radio training course such as the ones offered by our club.  We are not just interested in helping people pass their exams, we want our candidates to truly understand the material we are teaching so that they can use it as they progress through the licence levels.  There is no requirement to progress however and many people are happy to remain at the Foundation or Intermediate Level.


We use a combination of web seminars, classroom lessons and study groups to deliver our training.  The Foundation and Intermediate Licences include a number of practical assessments which are normally carried out at our club meeting room in St Albans or our cabin facility on Dunstable Downs.

You can find more information about our Foundation Licence Training here.  In the meantime, should you wish to speak to our Training Team then please complete the Training Enquiry Form here.

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