Our club meets every month, normally on the third Tuesday. Our meetings typically involve a radio based talk or presentation followed by a chance to catch up over a cuppa.

Do you have an interesting radio related topic to share?  We are always looking for interesting presentations and ideas for our club meetings.  If you have a story to tell and fancy sharing some interesting aspect of our hobby then please get in touch with our Membership Secretary by emailing

Event Information:

  • Tue

    2019 Annual Fox Hunt

    7:30 pmStarting Point Is Bernards Heath

    Time for our annual fox hunt where one of us goes and hides somewhere with a radio and the rest of us have to use our radio direction skills to find him.  This time our fox is Peter, G0OIK.

    Norman, G8ATO will be handing out envelopes and maps at Bernards Heath.  The postcode for your sat nav for Bernards Heath is AL1 4AP, which is the map location 51.760979,  -0.3311837,17 or on Google maps is  Norman will be there from about 18.30 until 20.00.  The envelope will contain the location of the fox so, if you are unable to find him at the end, you can open the envelope and then meet everyone else.  Typically the fox is not far from a pub.

    You may perhaps want to source yourself a full-sized map of the area, but the one provided should suffice. You will also need a compass to orientate the map, so if you don't have a 'normal' compass, then a compass app on your phone may help.  You will need a pen or pencil to fill out your details on the envelope.

    The first transmission will be at 19:30 and Peter will be using the club call G8VER on 145.400 (unless the frequency is busy, in which case it will be 145.375). Full details will be provided with the envelope and map at the start of the hunt.

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