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Hello everyone,

I am sure, like me, you have been following the news and government reports surrounding the coronavirus.  While the risk to the general population is still perceived to be low, we need to consider the safety of our members, especially as some of us are likely to be in a high-risk category.

Over the last few days, several clubs have cancelled their next meetings and I think it is appropriate that we do the same – or postpone it at least.  This seems to be in line with many of the other clubs and groups that use St Pauls as their venue.

I realise that we may be overreacting a little, but I know that some of our group had already decided not to attend (some because of the coronavirus) so there may have only been a few people present anyway.

So, please take this post as confirmation from me that we will not be holding our usual meeting next week.

Finally, I am planning to do a workshop session on Arduino devices for our next meeting (which is currently expected to be in April).  I thought that getting everyone around a table building things might make a nice change to our usual format.  There are quite a few radio related projects that are based on these devices so I have a couple of basic things to build on the night. 

I plan to bring a few Arduinos with me but if you would like to have a play beforehand then here is a link to the main website: https://www.arduino.cc/.  Please note however that the distribution centre is in Italy so there is likely to be a delay in getting orders processed.  You can also by them (and clones) from sites like Amazon where shipping is from the UK.


Chairman – Verulam Amateur Radio Club

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