We look to meet regularly on a monthly basis. During the good weather months we have been meeting at the cabin (see our Facilities page for more details of the cabin). During the winter months we meet at an venue at an indoor venue.

At present we are looking for a new venue to meet in which is more central to St Albans. If you have any suggestions we would welcome your thoughts and we will follow those up.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 15th January 2024.

Upcoming Meetings

December 11thVARC took part in The Milton Keynes ARS (MKARS) joint QUIZ NIGHT This involves several clubs in the area and a chance to get to know them a bit more. We joined from The Boot over Zoom and good fun was had by all, especially Tim who won the prize money after a tie breaker question after our club won the quiz with 100% correct answers!

We also had nibbles and a social after the event and we had a good attendance of around 20 members.
The Boot – Kimpton
January 15thOur new member Ivor M7EZN is going to discuss how ancient history and being a prepper encouraged him to get his license and join VARC

If the meeting is to be held at our Cabin, the site location is on private property and it’s location and means of access is not public. Please contact a member of the Committee or regular cabin site user if you would like to attend as a guest, or if you are a member unsure of location.

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