While kilowatt amplifiers and hilltop sites are in full flow I thought it might be interesting to do a quick video on very QRP  WSPR.

As a dedicated Weak Signal Propagation Reporting network WSPR is also a way for those in poor locations to see where their signals can get and for those in better locations to paint the world with 20mW.  For me it’s about optimising my antennas for my poor location and the challenge of building a dedicated high reliability WSPR transceiver but there are many other angles on this.

My stand-alone WSPR station is based on this CW radio but with a number of add-ons and modifications.  I could also transmit WSPR from my main rig but I prefer to shut the main equipment down and use this over longer periods

The WSPR protocol sends 162 characters of error corrected message using a 4 tone modulation system, and with narrow bandwidth and precise timing in 2 minute slots helping the de-coder find the signals deep in the noise. 

Many Bands have a dedicated ‘quiet’ WSPR segment although there are the usual idiots on top now and then

You can check your results (or mine, just enter TX station as G8MCD) at at any time and you can also upload what YOU are hearing with a software decoder  attached to a suitable radio receiver.

Hope you enjoy the quick look at another side of Ham Radio

Bruce G8MCD

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