Remote Radio

VARC currently has two remote controlled radios that allows access to the HF bands. The first is an IC-7300 which is currently connected to the Optibeam and covers the 20, 15 and 10m bands. The second is a Yaesu FTdx 10 which is connected to an end fed and covers the bands 80, 60, 40 and 30m. Members of the club can be given access to the remote which will allow them to both receive and transmit from the cabin site from the comfort of their home using a PC/laptop or phone app. This is a Windows and Android only system.

This facility allows for members to operate a radio in an RF quiet evironment (minimum interference – QRM) with a set up that many can not hope to set up at home, either because of space, local QRM or with too much risk of annoying family and neighbours!

We have a number of PDF documents that you can download from the links below. We are using the ‘Remotehams’ system, so if you are a member that is looking to use the remote, then you will need to go to the Remotehams website ( and create an account. For the username use your callsign in lower case. If you then let me know your callsign ( I can then add it to the list of operators which will give control over the remote when you log in.

VARC Remotehams PDFs
Receiver Controls
Chat Room and Etiquette
SSB and Data Setup
N1MM+ setup and CW Operation

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