The CQ WW CW contest takes place over 48 hours and takes place in the last week of November each year.

This is a world wide contest which is organised by CQ magazine in America. This has traditionally been our main ‘big event’ of the year. In the past we have had a large number of guest operators with a schedule of who is operating when. Since Covid however we have been gradually increasing our efforts again with this one. In the past we would normally set up four stations at the cabin all operating simultaneously non stop over the 48 hours. It remains to be seen how we move ahead with it this year, it will depend on the level of interest within the club to organise the stations.

If you are interested in joining us this year then please do drop me an email (address at the foot of this article) and I will keep you updated of relevant details. Obviously a reasonable skill level in CW is a big advantage, but even if you are not so hot on the code then you can still take part. We use a CW decoder and all the exchanges are done by using the computer to send the code.

A big part of the fun of this contest is deciding on the antennas and setting them up in the preceding days and weeks. The previous months SSB contest is a big part of deciding what we want to do. A working party of us will go to the cabin and set things up ready for the kick off at mid-night of the Friday.

If you would be interested in getting involved, the please do email me peter@g0oik.co.uk.

73 Peter G0OIK.

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