Club Nets

The club operates regular ‘on the air’ nets on Tuesdays and Sundays. All club members and any licensed radio amateur are welcome to take part using their own call signs. Details are as follows and all times are UK local time:


Time Band Frequency Mode
11.45 HF 40m 7.160 Mhz +/- 10 kHz LSB
14.00 VHF 2m 145.400 MHz (if busy 145.375 MHz) FM
20.30 6m 50.040 – Morse Improvers Net CW

Tuesdays (except on monthly club nights)

Time Band Frequency Mode
19.45 HF 80m 3.750 MHz +/- 5 kHz LSB
20.00 VHF 2m 145.400 MHz (if busy 145.375 MHz) FM
20.15 70cm GB3VH FM

GB2CW Morse Training

The club participates in the GB2CW Morse Training on Sunday evenings starting at 20.00 on 145.250 MHz FM.

Morse Improvers CW Net

The CW Improvers Net can be found at 20.30 on Sunday evenings on 6m on 50.040 MHz.

We are open for anyone to come in and join us no matter what stage they are at with their Morse.  So if you are looking to improve your CW, then please do join in no matter what speed we seem to be running at. If you find we are running too fast then please do ask us to slow down – and we’ll be happy to oblige.

 We look forward to you joining us on air.

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