MB7IHA is our Echolink gateway. This can be accessed using a normal FM transciever working on one frequency (unlike a repeater) on 144.91250 MHz. The gateway is situated above the village of Kimpton near Harpenden.

Echolink is an internet based system that allow radio hams to connect to each other either via their radios, computers or mobile phones. The gateways (like MB7IHA) give access to the network via RF. With the use of DTMF tones (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) it is then possible to link the gateway to any other gateway or user. There are also a number of ‘rooms’ where multiple ham operators can congregate and talk.

DTMF tones can be generated by some radios or by the use of an app or external device.

Here are the DTMF commands that can be used with MB7IHA

27 CQ
00 Random Node
01 Random Link
02 Random Conference
03 Random User
001 Random Favourite Node (This is mostly UK Repeaters and RF links like this one)
08 Connection Status (who is currently connected)
09 Reconnect to last connected station
# Disconnect last station connected
##Disconnect all stations
* Information Message

Favourite / Local Links

002 MI5DAW-L Various allstar links
003 MI1DAW-L Various allstar links
004 M0HOY-L (HamNet) this is the most busy conference on the system good fun and normally someone to talk to.
005 MB6ER-L (CQ-UK) much the same as the above
006 M0JKT-L (Freestar) www.freestar.network
007 MB7IWG-L Welwyn Garden City 145.2875MHz 82.5Hz
008 MB7IDT-L Ampthill Beds 145.3375MHZ 77Hz
009 GB3BN-R Bracknell Repeater 433.000Mhz
010 GB3NC North Cornwall Repeater

Operating tips and good practice.

If you TX with your call sign the link will reply with a “R” this means the link is receiving your signal and you are all set to use the gateway.

Try and send some of the commands below using your DTMF keypad the ones in bold are the most common.

It is always a good idea to start by sending 08 this will tell you if the gateway is already connected or not.

Why not try echotest 9999 this service records your transmission and plays it back to you.

Towards the bottom of the list are some short codes to try these will connect to local stations or other nodes of interest.

Please try to remember to send the # key to disconnect when you have finished with a connection.

With internet links please try to leave a 4 second gap between overs as most links are simplex on this system it takes a while for the system to drop carrier so you can send dtmf commands. Leaving gaps allows other people to join in the the conversation.

Further more detailed instructions can be found on the Echolink Website

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