Activity on 4 metres (70 MHz)

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Europe and the Falklands are seemingly the main activity on the 4 metres (70 MHz) band. America and Japan don’t have it so most big ham radio company manufacturers avoid it for the most part. (The Icom IC-7300 is the exception but only the European model.)

VARC member Bob Houlston (GVPVB) sent an e-mail to Elecraft requesting 4m for their K4 – their response: “Hi Bob, our goal is to cover 4 meters with an internal transverter module. We’ll announce details at a later date, but likely power output is 15-20 W. 73, Wayne N6KR.”

However, for the time being, SWLs can listen in for free using the online SDR link here. This is a 4-metre WEBSDR located in Hertfordshire covering the London area.  70.450 MHz is the FM calling channel, and 70.400, 70.425, 70.475 are popular Sunday morning working channels.

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