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Rhombic for 6m

One thing I have fancied playing with for a long time is the Rhombic antenna. It has a very good directional gain and in principal is easy to construct. The problem is that on HF a Rhombic is extremely large. Even on 6m the antenna is pretty big!

My idea for the antenna shootout challenge was to produce the antenna elements and the balenced feeder all in one length per side, so the two lengths of wire made up one side of the antenna and one side of the balenced feeder each.

With a little research on the web it looked like the best bet was to mount the aerial at one wavelength above the ground – 6m, and for each side of the rhombic to be two wavelengths long (11.34m) and for the angles to be 60 degrees at the ends and 120 in the middle. This gave an overall length of 19.64 meters end to end and 11.34 meters from side to side.

For the complete story of the build, go to my website at

Peter (G0OIK)

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