The 2021 VARC Antenna Shootout

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The annual VARC Antenna Shootout starts today and runs until the end of June. The theme for this year is ‘2-metre activity’ meaning that it can be any mode, any polarisation, and any power (within applicable licence restrictions of course).

You can operate from any location but must use your own callsign and not the clubs. You can operate from home, mobile or portable. You can use a commercially made antenna or something cobbled together yourself. The contact must be direct, so contacts via repeaters do not count.


Scores will be calculated by dividing the distance (in miles) by the power (in watts) as set on your transceiver. Whenever you make a contact that you want to submit simply email with the following information:

  1. The callsign and location for your contact.
  2. The distance of your contact (in miles).
  3. The power setting on your radio (in watts).

We will then divide the number of miles by the number of watts and use this as your score. We will publish the score on this webpage so you will be able to see how you are faring with other participants. It is a manual process to update the page so please be a little patient.

The winner will be the person who has achieved the highest score. We will hand out a trophy for the winner and perhaps something for the most innovative or quirky antenna design. Good luck.

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