Remote Radios

The club have been working on setting up some radios which if you are a member of VARC you will be able to remotely log into and operate. The system we are using for this is called ‘remotehams’ which works very well. There are two radio setups, one at the location of Peter G0OIK which utilises the clubs Icom IC-7300 which was the SK donation from Mick Moffat M0MMI. The aerials are on a 60ft mast and consist of 6 dipoles cut for the bands from 160 to 20m and will happily tune all the HF bands.

Peter G4HSO near Kimpton is using two sets of aerials. On antenna one he has 30, 40 and 80m (a text is required to get the antenna of choice) and antenna two is a two element beam for 20, 15 and 10m.

The IC-7300 at G0OIK’s QTH in Flamstead is fully functional and working well, and can be used for both SSB and CW TX. We are looking to keep that running 24/7 while it gets good use, so may revise that at some point.

Peter G4HSO is running his Icom IC-756II Pro day time . His radio is running fine with CW but there is some work to be done to get SSB working correctly, at the moment there are some distortion problems.

If you wish to try out the remote radios and are a member of VARC, then it is a fairly simple process to get going. You will need to download the client software from remotehams HERE. The most recent Alpha edition which at the time of writing is v0.9.250 seems to work well. There is also an Android app that works very well, which enables you to work SSB from where ever you are!

If you decide to try out the remote radios, if you let Peter G0OIK know straight way ( with your call sign, then if he gets the chance will make sure that you have the necessary permissions to use the remote the first time you log in.

We have produced some documentation to help you get set up and running, primerily the documentation is aimed at the IC-7300 but is also relevant to the IC-756II Pro.

RemoteHams Softward Guide
RemoteHams Receiver Controls
RemoteHams Chat Room and Etiquette

73 for now.

Peter  G0OIK.

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